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Fudge Facts

Little bits of Trivia for you..


Storage  ...

Did you know you should store your fudge in a cool dark place NOT the fridge.

Who are we kidding - who keeps fudge....  we just eat it!!!  Seriously though if you have remarkable self control and need to store it please not the fridge - it ruins it!!

Who invented fudge?
There are a couple of stories floating around claiming to have the answer to this very important question. One says that a young apprentice caramel maker was left stirring the pot while the boss was out serving customers. By the time he returned, the caramel was so grainy it was ruined – but the customers loved it, and named it Fudge after the apprentice who mistakenly made it.
Another story goes, that a college lecturer in Virginia, USA, was teaching a class in toffee making, and the temperature was not taken high enough resulting in what we now know as fudge. This, allegedly, is also where the term ‘to fudge something’ comes from. Great things can come from our mistakes!
We don’t know if either of these are true – maybe you know the real story, or maybe you can think of a better one.
Let us know!

Now we aren't guaranteeing these two "facts".. but they sure made us feel good..
Recent USDA research suggests that high grade chocolate in fudge helps replace monthly loss of estrogen.  See its good for you!!

The chocolate in fudge makes beneficial cholesterol.   ..Again we'll take that!!