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Tea House On The Lake, Pukekura Park

Why Wisteria?


Nestled in the stunning Pukekura Park, our 1930's " Teahouse on the Lake" is situated right next to an amazing 100yr old Wisteria.    The amazing iridescent light through the lush hanging flowers and the magical scent they emit  have been delighting generations of visitors for many, many years. 

This outlook enhances our  creativity, inspiring us to create memories for our many visitors.  When it came to naming our fudge ...well that was easy..

Wisteria Gourmet Fudge was born!!

The Team - Fudge Fanatics


Led by Corrie Paice,  our great team have quickly become fudge fanatics.

Our staff are all able to discuss with you the weeks flavours, your individual or corporate requirements and facilitate your purchases.